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Guys Guide: PROM

guys guide to prom

4 Weeks Before Prom

  • Plan and execute the promposal to your date. This gives her enought time to book hair appointments and look for a dress.
  • If renting a limo, now is the time to make the reservations and coordinate among your friends to collect funds for the bill.
  • Start thinking about restaurant reservations and where you'd like to go to eat.

2 Weeks Before Prom

  • Get a pic of her dress color or whatever your date is wearing so you can best coordinate. If they won't show you, ask them to send you a pic if you guys want to match.
  • Stop by Suits Unlimited and order your prom tux rental. The best selection is at least 1 to two weeks out. The week of, we start running out of styles. It's best to book early!
  • Purchase your Prom tickets.
  • Stop by a flower shop and order the corsage. Since you already know what color you guys are coordinating, be sure to pick out a wristlet that matches. Girls typically get guys boutineers at this time as well.
  • Now is a great time to get your hair cut too.
  • Time to make restaurant reservations, prom dances typically start at 8, make your reservations between 6-7:30pm. Quick tip: fondue restaruants are fun, but they take about 3 hours to bring you the courses. If you are going to something like this, make your reservations for 5pm.

1-2 Days Before Prom

  • Wash your car, your date will appreciate not stepping on a french fry on your car floor.
  • Try on and pick up your tux rental at Suits Unlimited. Give yourself about 20 minutes to try everything on. Our experts want to make sure if fits great!

Day Of Prom

  • Pick up flower corsage.
  • Make sure you have extra cash. Everything from parking to tip at the restaurant may require you to have at least an extra $20 in your wallet.
  • Have FUN and tag us! #SUPromTux

Day After

  • Return tux to Suits Unlimited.

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