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What’s the difference?

Suits vs. Tuxes

Suits and tuxedos vastly differ but only on the details and when and where you should wear one versus the other.

Suits versus Tuxedos


The first and most important difference is the buttons. All suit buttons are traditional looking and made of bone, plastic, or wooden materials. Tuxedo buttons are almost always rounded and fabric covered. They don’t have the traditional 4 holes like a classic button.


Suits and tuxedos are made of man made or wool fabrics and come in almost an unlimited amount of colors and patterns. Traditionally tuxedos are mostly black but also regularly come in white, navy or blue, grey, or ivory. Suits have more variety of colors.

The biggest difference is satin. Most tuxedos will have satin on the lapel where as suits do not. The rounded buttons we mentioned early are most traditionally covered with satin. The final detail is typically on the pant, there is a thin satin line running along the out seam of a tuxedo pant.

When to Wear

A suit can serve most occasions that are business casual, business dress, and most weddings and funerals if you are a guest. A tuxedo is reserved for special occasions that are black tie or formal, examples include galas, high school dances like homecoming and prom, wedding party attire, and in some very traditional funerals, if you are a pallbearer. Tuxedos are usually worn for evening occasions where as a suit will suffice for daytime or morning occasions.

Investment at Suits Unlimited

Buying a suit: A suit includes the coat and pant and starts at $149 for a basic suit with a traditional color selection and run all the way up to $599 for designer makes and upgraded wools. dress shirts are sold anywhere from $35 to $75 depending on brand and make. Neckwear is runs between $25 and $45 depending on designer and make. Most suits purchased at our store can be altered and ready to wear by next business day, so there's hardly any lead time. In total buying a suit, shirt, tie and having it altered can start at $250.00 and you get to keep it.

Renting a suit: Renting a suit includes an all wool coat and pant, a microfiber dress shirt, necktie and vest, ranging in price from $180-185. These suits are also designer suits like Michael Kors and Ike Behar. We have to order these in and need about 7-10 days lead time. Rentals do have to be returned the following business day after the event you need it for.

Buying a Tux: We sell classic notch tuxedos starting at $279 which includes the coat and pant. Accessores can be broken down as follows: a tuxedo shirt runs around $55, a cummerbund and black bow tie set runs around $40, a black vest runs at about $85 and different color ties can run anywere between $10 and $25 and come in pre-tied options. Again, with buying, all these items can be ready for you by the next business day if you need tailoring and if not, you can pick all this same day here at our store. Total cost for purchasing a full tuxedo outfit would start around $400.00.

Renting a Tux: Our tux rentals start at $75 for a black classic notch tux that includes the coat, pant, tux shirt, 30 different tie options and black vest/cummerbund. Higher end tuxedos that include name brands and a lot more accessories and run between $155 and $185. Shoe rentals are not included in our rentals and run between $15 and $25. A Tux can start around $90 with shoes and go up from there depending on the options you pick.

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