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James Bond: Get the Look

How to best dress like our favorite agent 007, by guest blogger and Suits Unlimited clothing professional Jovan Gauthier.

Now that Spectre has released,we at Suits Unlimited are of course paying attention to the clothing Daniel Craig will be wearing in the film. It’s an easy thing to say you want to dress, live, and be as intriguing as Bond. As it turns out we can definitely help with the first of those wants but maybe the rest will follow when your confidence gets a boost! The biggest advantage of dressing like him is the simplicity of how everything works together.

For the most part, our favorite fictional spy keeps to a pretty straightforward color scheme. In the novels, he wore almost nothing but a navy blue suit, white shirt, and black tie. Shades of blue and grey in solids and pinstripes will suit you well, where as shirts in white or light blue will go with just about anything in your wardrobe.

Consider French cuff dress shirts, they a timelessly classy option. ties selections should be dark in color with tasteful and minimal patterns. Cuff links should also be kept pretty austere. Keep away from novelty ones if you’re going for the right look. Bond lets his natural charm strike up conversation instead of the miniature martinis on his shirt sleeves. (Though we do have those in stock, if you’d like to try them out.)

Bond’s shoes are, with few exceptions, mostly black and classic design, but adding some dark brown to your rotation wouldn’t hurt. For the best effect, pair them with socks that match the suit color. This will give you the illusion of longer legs when walking or sitting down. Avoid square toes if possible, cap toes and shoes with minimal punching design will go best with this type of wardrobe.

Luckily, Suits Unlimited has some designer suits from from Maxman and Mattarazzi Uumo which capture the English and Italian styling of Daniel Craig’s Tom Ford suits, but at a fraction of the price.

The simple clean lines of the navy suit show that you mean business while the dark brown cap toes will lighten things up a bit. Pair with a crisp white shirt and tasteful cuff links for a classic look in 2015 or even in 1962. Either way, people will pay attention to that presentation.

  • suit: Mattarazzi Uomo $599.00
  • Shirt: Rosetti Uomo $60.00
  • Tie: Kenneth Cole Reaction $45.00
  • Cuff Links: Duncan Walton $55.00
  • Shoes: Florsheim $135.00
  • Socks: Florsheim $7.00

For the everyday use, you may want a little less contrast to look more approachable. When pairing two shades of blue, make sure they’re distinct enough. Maxman Trend’s Fresco model is perfect for emulating the suits from Skyfall and Spectre.

  • suit: Trends (Maxman, Inc.) $499.00
  • Shirt: Enro $75.00
  • Tie: Kenneth Cole Reaction $45.00
  • Shoes: Florsheim $135.00
  • Socks: Florsheim $7.00
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