Suits Unlimited not only carries suits but everything that goes inside them and so much more. Take a look at our fine lines of dress shirts, casual shirts, neckties, dress slacks, accessories, and sport coats.

Dress Shirts

Dress Shirts Albuquerque

We carry a wide variety of dress shirts for every occasion. Everything from the basics to patterned and premium non-iron wovens. We have the furnishings to make your professional look complete. Stop in and try on one of the many different options in-store. We can also taper the sleeves or sides with our in-house tailor shop.


Ties Albuquerque

A tie is the one piece of menswear that ties it all together (no pun intended). Find everything from conservative patterns to the wild side of Jerry Garcia ties. Have you mastered the bow tie yet, pick up one of our tie yourself bow ties and we can help you work out the kinks.

Sport Coats & Blazers

Sport Coats and Blazers

The casual take on a jacket that wears to the office, to dinner, and so much more is the sport coat. It’s always a good idea to have one of these in your closet for their versatile use, from brands like Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Daniel Hechter.

Dress Slacks

Dress Pants Albuquerque

We carry the perfect pair of slacks for every occasion. At the office with just a dress shirt, or out on a Sunday brunch? You can’t go wrong with a premium wool dress slack to start your outfit with.


Men's Cuff Links Suspenders Albuquerque

You’ve got the suit, shirt, and the tie, what else could complete the look? Check out our great selections of cuff links, tie bars, jewelry, pocket squares or more commonly referred to as hankercheifs and lapel accessories. We also carry a colorful selection of statement socks as well as regular dress socks to give your feet some pop and soft knits to keep them comfotable. Last but not least we do carry in store closet hacks like shoe trees to keep your dress shoes in good form after a long day at the office. Another helpful hack: collar stays, keeps your collars from going haywire and at a perfect point every time. We also have a great selection in suspenders, lots of colors and patterns to choose from to make you look complete.

Sport Shirts

Casual Sport Shirts

Check out our lines of fun and casual shirts and sport shirts. We carry the ultimate cool and comfortable lines of Nautica and Leo Chevalier so you can feel good about untucking these brands. Each of these shrits look great with a pair of jeans that we also carry in store!