A great sport coat should be in every man’s closet. When you want to look nice on a more casual day a sport coat pairs with a great pair of jeans or chinos. They are also quintessential layering piece and can be worn with a variety of shirts not just dress shirts with collars. They can be worn with simple tees like our silken t-shirts, polos, as well as sport shirts like our Luciano Visconti line. Our sport coats range from $149 to $249.

Most sport coats tend to have a lot of colors weaved into the fabric. This opens up the variety of colors you can combine with it when it comes to your pants, shirts, and even ties. Our sport coat jackets are made from blended worsted wools and silk to make for the finest in quality. They come in a variety of fits however most are slim to modern and many are built with a stretchable armhole for comfort.

There are plenty of bells and whistles when it comes to some of our sport coat labels. Many come with built in pockets for your cell phone, airline ticket, passport, and more. Sport coats are a jacket meant to be worn for longer periods of time than even a suit coat. Their construction is softer and more stretchable to make it a more comfortable garment to wear.


Blazers are another form of casual jacket. They are similar to a sport coat in that they sport a more casual look than a suit. However, they are usually only solid in color, have no notable fabric patterns, and come with gold or silver buttons. This is the type of jacket worn to the golf club or out to dinner. Although, today it is widely accepted in place of a sport coat and pairs with many of the same furnishings. Our blazers range in price from $139 to $149.

Come in and try on one of our sport coats today, if it needs a bit of tailoring, don’t fret. Our clothing professionals can mark it and our tailors on staff can have it in and out for you in a few days time. Need it sooner? Ask about our express tailoring.

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Tailoring & Alterations


When it comes to our tailoring, our turn around time is within a few days or less, with the average cost of tailoring on a suit running between $0-$30, depending on what needs to be done.

If you need it in 24 hours or less, talk to us about our express tailoring and be sure to stop in and see our selections!

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