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Unique Tuxedos in Albuquerque

Unique Formal Looks

The Camo Tuxedo

The Camo Tuxedo has a Camo pattern on the lapels of the jacket, as well as the outline of the slim side pockets. The Camo tux also comes with a variety of options in vests and ties.
Options include:
Green Camo vest, as well as either the green Camo tie or Camo bow tie
White Camo vest, as well as either the white Camo tie or Camo bow tie
Get that perfectly uniqe look for your groom and his men with the Camo tuxedo!

Western Tuxedo Looks

When you are looking for something more out in the country, check out our western tuxedo looks. We carry a western tuxedo jacket with the yoke cord detail on the lapel of the coat in white and black.
Any tuxedo can be western with our selection of western ties. We carry the western bolo tie for purchase. Stop by and check out all we carry in western tuxedo looks

Linen Suits

The linen suit is the perfect option for a beach or destination wedding. It is for purchase only and comes with the coat and matching linen pants in various colors.
Be sure to give us about 3 weeks in advance if you would like to order a linen suit for your next occasion.

Zoot Suit Look

Zoot Suit-Tux Look

Any tuxedo can be made into a Zoot suit look with the right accents. We have all the accessories like the fedora hat and the chain to make a complete zoot suit look. We carry jackets in white and ivory to make for some very unique zoot suit looks. Stop by and let us show you how to make the perfect zoot suit look today.